Dried Fruit

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Dried fruit is an excellent and tasty way to get all the benefit of fresh fruit in a compact, bring-along form. Take one of these packs of dried deliciousness on your adventures, trips, or keep it at work to fuel you throughout the day; add some nuts and seeds for a hearty trail-mix, or throw in with cookie batter or muesli for a sweet treat! 

  • 150 g (5.29 oz)
  • Vegan with no preservatives 
  • Processed in a gluten-free facility 

Exotic ingredients: dried organic dragon fruit, dried organic golden berry, dried coconut. 

Pineapple ingredients: dried pineapple.

Tropical fruit ingredients: dried organic banana, dried organic mango, dried coconut, organic lemon juice. 

Golden berry ingredients: dried organic golden berries.

Mango ingredients: dried organic mango.

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